Maintaining the lines of communication

Invesco is maintaining its market leading position in employee            education and communications writes Gary Morrissey (Head of Business Development)

There was a time when pension scheme members were quite content to receive a benefit statement once a year and receive no other communication in relation to what was probably their most important investment, apart from the family home. In a reflection of the changed times in which we find ourselves the hunger for information has grown exponentially over the past decade. Pension scheme members increasingly expect information at their fingertips on a 24/7 basis.

And little wonder! The volatility of investment markets over the past 10 years, coupled with a rapidly changing regulatory environment has created a climate of uncertainty which has in turn fuelled this appetite for information.

At Invesco we are committed to meeting the increased demand for information through continued investment in communications across all channels. This isn’t restricted to the web or other so called new media channels. Indeed, during uncertain times there really is no substitute for face to face communication.

Our consultants arrange regular meetings with clients to keep them updated on market and other developments throughout the year. In additions, we also arrange clinics for pension scheme members to explain their scheme structure and benefits as well as the range of investment options open to them. In our experience, this is best done through personal, face to face communication.


Online presence

However, much of the information required by scheme members is probably best delivered online.

Invesco has always believed in the value of investing in leading edge technology and IT systems. We were the first pensions consultants in the Irish market to offer online access to scheme members in 2001. We have continued to improve and upgrade this service ever since.

The Invesco Online service offers scheme members access to all the information they could possibly need in terms of fund values, pension and risk benefits. Members can view their contribution history and generate up to date, fully compliant benefit statements in the time it would actually take to dial a telephone number. Another particular useful function is the ability to switch future contributions or accumulated funds from one investment strategy to another online. We recently added a feature where members can change their AVC contributions online, having checked the adequacy of their projected pension on our online projection tool.

Most of these features are also available via the Invesco iPhone app and we are currently developing an Android app which will be available later in the year.

Social Media                                                                                       

Over the past year Invesco has invested significantly in our presence on the various social media platforms. We now have an active Twitter account and our own Facebook page to complement the recently revamped Invesco website. Every client facing member of the Invesco team also has their own LinkedIn profile which offers another means of contact with clients and members.

Invesco will continue to invest in new communications channels and platforms as they become available. In the meantime, we also offer a full suite of communications services to cater for all stakeholder needs, including explanatory booklets and investment guides, group clinics and presentations, and one-to-one counselling sessions.

To find out more about Inveso’s member education & communications services, contact Gary Morrissey on 01 2947600 or by email to


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